Fax From Cell Phone

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Mobile faxing is a great communication solution for users who are interested in having a virtual fax machine in their hands at all times.

To fax from your cell phone you don’t have to go through a complicated installations or download software (except for free cell phone fax apps).

You can fax from a variety of mobile phones, mostly smart phones because you can access your email from them, which is essentially where you can send and receive faxes from if there is no app for your cell phone. You can start fax using cell phone in just a few minutes by using an email fax service.

Mobile Faxing Services

ServiceRingCentralMyFaxOneSuite Fax
Monthly Price$9.99$10.00$1
Fax Pages Included500 to send or receive.200 incoming, 100 outgoing.Receive unlimited faxes.
Mobile Fax AppYesYesNo
Free Fax NumberYes, US, UK and Canada fax numbers.Yes, US and fax numbers for over 40 different countries.Yes, US only.
International Fax NumberYesYesNo
Free 30 Day Trial

Many of the best email fax services offer a free mobile fax app that you can download on your cell phone to use as an easy interface to send and receive faxes. If not you can always access your email from where you can also fax by cell phone.

If you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android then you are in luck.

How much does cell phone faxing cost?

Email fax services charge a monthly price, but before you speculate you should know that email faxing is cheaper than using a fax machine. You don’t have to install anything and activating your account is done within minutes.

Another great advantage of using email fax is that many providers also include a free fax number when you sign up. In addition you can also try out email fax services for free. For 30 days you can enjoy an email fax service completely free and you have lots of time to review the service and see if it is what you are looking for.

Benefits of Using Mobile Fax

  • Get started in just a few minutes!
  • No installations or wiring.
  • Send and receive fax from your cell phone.
  • Send and receive fax from your computer.
  • Customers will never get a busy signal when sending you a fax.
  • Get a free fax number.
  • It’s more affordable then using a fax machine.

Using your cell phone to fax is not complicated or expensive. Email fax services use the internet to transmit faxes, you can still receive and send a fax to any fax number in the world and at anytime from your computer or cell phone.