How to Fax From Your Cell Phone WITHOUT a Fax App

fax from cell phoneNot all online fax services offer a free fax app. But this isn’t the end of the road. You can still fax online from your cell phone by using a different approach and that is via Email.

You can use the same email fax providers that offer a cell phone fax app to send faxes from your cell phone via email.

Internet faxing allows you to fax through the internet, which means you can also access faxing via your email. Today most cell phone (aka smart phones) allow you to access your email.

These service automatically forward your incoming faxes to your email, which you can check on your mobile phone, and you can also send a fax from your cell phone via email as well.

Is this expensive? No! Actually it’s cheaper then using a fax machine. These services have different plans depending on how may fax pages you send each month (starting from $1 to $8 a month).

Plus you get a free fax number and you can try them out risk free for an entire month,

Can you use any email to fax from your cell phone? Yes.

It doesn’t matter what email provider you use, as long as you can access your email on your cell phone then you can start faxing from here. If you can access your email from any other device you can also use it to fax!

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