Receive Fax on iPhone – 3 Easy Steps To Get Started For Free

Can I receive a fax on my iphone? Yes! You can receive faxes on iPhone, Mac and other Apple products with a simple, easy and affordable service that provides easy integration with your iPhone.

Learning how to receive a fax on your iPhone doesn’t require complicated software or configurations, email fax services brings a professional, yet affordable, faxing solution to the table… and you can download a free iPhone fax app and try it on your iPhone within a few minutes and try it out for free!

3 Easy Steps To Get Started For Free

  1. Sign up with an email fax service that can be integrated to use with your iPhone. When you start your risk free trial many providers will also give you a free online fax number (this can be a toll free or local fax number, some providers also offer international fax numbers).
  2. After you sign up you can add the email to where you would like all incoming faxes forwarded to. Some providers will let you add more then 1 email.
  3. That’s it! When someone send a fax to your fax number it will automatically be forwarded to your email where you can view it online and forward to another fax number if needed.

Aside from being able to receive fax online via email or the providers online fax dashboard, email faxing can be used to receive fax on iPhone 4 and previous versions as well. You can send or receive fax by accessing your email from your iPhone or you can also download free iPhone fax app for iPhone if the provider has one available.

  • Do you need a phone line to use email fax? No.
  • Do you have to buy software? No.
  • Do you have to pay anything for a free trial? No, but be sure to cancel before the 30 days are over if you do not wish to continue.

Bottom line, using mobile phone fax solutions is a smart choice. There are no complicated steps to worry about, as shown above you can start faxing online in just 3 steps!

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